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Edit & Continue nicht in ASP.NET

Mit Freude habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen, dass es demnächst auch Edit & Continue geben wird. Doch leider wird das nach meinem neuesten Kenntnisstand nicht in ASP.NET integriert:

S. Somasegar: "Edit and continue for both C# and VB does not work for ASP.NET. There were two major reasons for this. The first and by far the most important reason is that the ASP.NET team felt that their current model was already incredibly iterative even without E&C and that trying to apply the same model that we use for client apps would actually be more restrictive. The reason is that the ASP.NET model is generally compile on the server. So in order to get updated changes, see new content, hit breakpoints on newly added code, you can just hit F5 on the page in IE to refresh. That hits the server and tells ASP.NET to recompile the changes. If we were to use an E&C model instead then the set of ‘rude edit’ restrictions would need to be in place, so it would suddenly become illegal to add new public methods.

The second reason was simply that it was technically difficult to do and even in the very early planning stages of E&C for Whidbey both VS and the CLR were trying to limit the scope such that we didn’t end up in the same position with E&C that we did for 2002."

Scheiße! Denn wenn es einen Nachteil gegenüber herkömmlichen Tools wie ASP oder PHP gibt, dann die viele Zeit, die beim kompilieren während der Entwicklung drauf geht. Dazu kommt noch, dass die Alternative - Inline-Scripting - mangels entsprechendem Editor (Webmatrix ist eine Krankheit, kein Editor) auch wegfällt. Denn ohne Syntax-Highlighting und IntelliSense kann ich gleich mit Notepad arbeiten. Aber vielleicht wird wenigstens das in VS2005 behoben.

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