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SQL Server Express: Scheduling Population of Fulltext Catalogs

Creating and running fulltext catalogs is not only available for the "big" versions of Microsoft SQL Server but also for the Express Edition with Advanced Services. Unfortunately Microsoft does not ship the fulltext management dialogs with Management Studio Express, so we have to handle that by Script. Very helpful is the system procedure sp_fulltext_catalog.

But as you will see there is no ongoing re-populating of the index, and I found no options in Management Studio to set this up. So I created a small batch which I am running now with the windows scheduler:


   1:  USE $(DATABASE)
   2:  EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog '$(CATALOG)', 'start_incremental'


   1:  sqlcmd -S CARMEN\SQL3 -i"D:\...\RefillFulltextCatalogs.sql" 
   2:  -v DATABASE="dbname" -v CATALOG="catalogname" 

The .bat fires the .sql against the database server with sqlcmd.exe. All you have to set up is the name of the database and the catalog's name.

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